Friday, January 29, 2010

This month has been all about the loooooooooove

And this couple seemed to be a match made in heaven... Introducing Mr & Mrs Bell.

Weddings always make me nervous.  Ok, who am I kidding, all shoots make me nervous, but weddings especially.  Its all about getting the right shot with perfect timing.  I have to get those shots, I can't tell a beautiful bride who has just been announced Mr & Mrs... "hey, yea, well, uhmmmmmm I missed that shot- can you please re-do the first kiss as husband and wife?" Its imperative that I am there when it happens, ready to go... like the good little mama-razzi I am.

Its so funny... I am literally a bundle of nerves before its go time... But when its go time... It just melts away.  It comes to me, this is what I am supposed to do, that is the shot that I need, go do it, no hesitation. 

The bride and groom were so much fun to work with.  Full of personality and life... full of love for each other, and seemingly for everyone that was around them.... We boarded the Angela Louise Riverboat out of Balboa Island and away we went. 

What started as one, became two... Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Bell

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