Friday, April 8, 2011

I got my sniff on, meet....

Yea, I sniff babies.  So what? 

I had the opportunity to photograph a simply perfect 8 day new baby... Mom just went on and on before our session about her perfect little sleepy (all the time) baby... Well, babies have a way of proving mommy's wrong, even as early as this! My little lady was A-W-A-K-E almost the entire session... 

She wasn't sleepy awake, or cranky awake, or even fussy awake... she was just awake, as in REFUSED to sleep! Haha, I think she's going to be a stubborn one.  Stubborn and extremely adorable... 

I had my set up all super cozy (sweaty even for me and mama)... heater on, white noise in the background, shhhhhhh shhh shh shhhh shhhh on both our lips... but... yea.  Sleep eludes her. 

Got some pretty amazing shots, none the less! These are my favorites:

Super cute beanie from Stella B Designs... and she was the most perfect little model!

Only 8 days new! I love this pose... Special thanks to mama for being so patient and understanding... and for helping baby whisper this pose to life. 

<3... love how she looks to be looking right at me.  I had a bit of a rough start the morning of the shoot, but this little bundle of goodness made me feel a ton better.  

 Thank you, thank you, thank you across the other street neighbors for not cutting your grass.  Thanks also to my friend & photographer @ Tiny Treasures for loaning me your bed for the day... Love the wide open on this shot, and the fact that she had her eyes closed for a second or two... love the glimpse of her tiny toes, and  her umbilical still attached. I just love this picture!!

Nicky, thank you for choosing to share your precious  baby G. with me! 


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I can almost taste it...

I might literally DIE... if I won this amazing giveaway hosted by Krista Campbell! I did all the required steps, and this is the last extra.  Cross your fingers and toes!! 

Thank you for hosting such a rad giveaway! Make sure you visit : for all the rules on how to win!


its a grand opening

Did you hear? At the gentle butt kicking of several of my good friends, I have opened an Etsy shop... I know, I just blogged about this, but I should have thought of it earlier... anyway, I didn't so now you get the pleasure of TWO amazing (ha.ha.ha) blogs today! Well, this is pretty cool. 

 Do you have an Etsy shop? Would you LOVE a new banner for your store? 

How about 4 coordinating banners? A general cutesy banner, like mine... 

something for spring....

how about summer?

can't forget winter....

You are def in the right place if you answered yes! In order to kick off my Etsy shop I am going to give away a set of Etsy  custom shop banners.  Its easy to win...

1. if you don't already, find me on Facebook, and 'like' me!

2. follow my blog

3. heart me on Etsy

4. leave a comment on this blog post AND my Ella B wall, being sure to include your Etsy shop!

Sit back and cross your fingers... :) Good luck!

Winner will be chosen via and on Wednesday April 13.  

Yay for giveaways, tell your friends!


its about time for an

So, that is what I went and did! Have you heard of Etsy? Really, if your answer is no, I would recommended that you go and get another cup of coffee, cause it will draw you in.  Etsy is THE place for handmade goody goodness and vintage love that you might ever need... 

In addition to my love for photography, I also love creating and designing.  In the past, I have made custom logos, banners, buttons, business cards, etc. for some friends and clients... 

I can also make printables and cards, custom invites, and the such... Just thought I would officially announce my shop opening!

Here is my banner, made to match my blog... go ahead, click on it and visit my shop... I only have one listing up now, but feel free to check back for more, or convo me for a custom design!

Thanks for stopping by!! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

amazing senior from Ramona HS, meet....

I was so happy to take Celina's senior pictures.  I have known her for about two years, met her at the park where my boys and her brother play ball.  She's a neat kid, with a genuinely good heart and lots of spunk... We met at the first location that I was really excited about... But.... can you say FAIL? Yea, epic fail.  It was a flower field, but once we walked in the flowers were so so so low to the ground that unless Celina and I were tiny sized, it just wasn't going to work... so instead of wasting too much time, and precious light, we headed off to our second location... 

Open fields, under construction (insert SAD face here) but for now a really great location... 

 I love all the faces that she makes! So freaking perfect!

 Prob my favorite! She's amazing.

I didn't know Celina when she was a little girl, but for some reason this last picture reminds me of when she was a little girl.  Its just so innocent.

After we finished up here, we headed just down the way to Downtown Riverside.  Its super close to my home and really one of my favorite places to shoot... The time of the day was perfect, so we got great lighting... 

yea, work it! 

Had such a great time with you Celina...! Thank you for asking me to do your senior pictures.  I hope you love them as much as I.  Wishing you the best of luck in the future, lots of peace, love, happiness and success!



Monday, April 4, 2011


I am so excited to feature Stella B on the blog today! Her work is seriously DROOL worthy... I got mail from her and was just super wanting to take that picture NOW because I knew how cute it would be.  I am so in love with this little sock monkey hat that if I could fit my fat head into it, I would try to rock it.  Uhm, yea, cause that is just how I roll! 

Ok- you still with me? Is it not just the cutest?? Its so much better on....

wait for it... wait for it... 

Yea! That's what I am taking about! 

I think my model, little Ms. K agrees... this is a winning combo! Perfect pair in the sock monkey hat from Stella B.  and super full and fun pink on pink tutu from Sweet Things Kids (you remember her... she's got a HUGE spring fashion show coming up! That's a whole other post, though!)

Special thanks to my model and her parents! Your cooperation and little Miss made my day! <3


meet the

Mr. & Mrs. J.  What a FUN couple! I wish that I had  more time with them... I imagine hanging out for a while would be very memorable.  

It was a cold day, but luck was on our side, with no rain... Yay, but even though I wore leggings under my pants, a cardigan AND my leather jacket, I was F-R-doubleE-Z-I-N-G! 

I worked as a second shooter for Kevin from Kidder Design.  Again, thank you for the opportunity! 

Anyway, on to the goods... 

The beautiful ring... Nestled here in Katie's bouquet, pre-ceremony. Do you like the texture? Its fitting for this picture, I think... Its kind of romantic, yes?

The finishing touches... I love this image.  Katie was so cute and funny, and def had her nerves going... Not that you could tell it from her supermodelness, here!

Mr. B's first glimpse at his daughter.  They were so precious together... <3

The flower girl... Katie's BFF's baby girl.  Adorable... 

...and she rocked the runway!!

 Is this not SPECTACULAR? It was a freaking amazingly rad car.

(Did I mention her supermodelness?)

After the ceremony we had time for a few fun shots... these were my super favorites! Gah, isn't she just beautiful? 

{I swear she got married... to a real live husband... I just didn't get any FAVORITE images of him... but check out Kevin's page if you are interested... this is why you always, always want a second shooter for a once in a lifetime event!}

Beautiful day, and I am so happy to have been a part of it.  Best of luck to you in the future!! Cheers!

I love weddings, I get so nervous! But I have always been happy to be part of such a beautiful and memorable occasion.  

Until next time, 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

well not so much, but

It is KIND of Eastery.  I am not a super duper fan of lilac and pink, or really pastels of any sort... So I thought there might be a few out there that are just like that... Alternative Easter.  Just click on the link to download, and share with your friends.  I would love to see what you have done with them, if you end up using them this year.

These are the two inch toppers.  Have you seen all the great ways to use these? Cupcake picks, tied on goody bags, stickers, etc... anyway, these aren't your typical Easter Bunny decor, but I personally think they are adorable! 

I also made a banner to go with it, just a mini one, and then also on the same page a mini cake banner... 
I would love to expand this set.. what else would be helpful, or just super cute? I was thinking maybe cupcake wrappers... anyway, let me know, and I hope you share the love {ahem, my blog <3} with many.  Till next time... 


PS: getting closer and closer to launching my Etsy shop!