Tuesday, April 5, 2011

amazing senior from Ramona HS, meet....

I was so happy to take Celina's senior pictures.  I have known her for about two years, met her at the park where my boys and her brother play ball.  She's a neat kid, with a genuinely good heart and lots of spunk... We met at the first location that I was really excited about... But.... can you say FAIL? Yea, epic fail.  It was a flower field, but once we walked in the flowers were so so so low to the ground that unless Celina and I were tiny sized, it just wasn't going to work... so instead of wasting too much time, and precious light, we headed off to our second location... 

Open fields, under construction (insert SAD face here) but for now a really great location... 

 I love all the faces that she makes! So freaking perfect!

 Prob my favorite! She's amazing.

I didn't know Celina when she was a little girl, but for some reason this last picture reminds me of when she was a little girl.  Its just so innocent.

After we finished up here, we headed just down the way to Downtown Riverside.  Its super close to my home and really one of my favorite places to shoot... The time of the day was perfect, so we got great lighting... 

yea, work it! 

Had such a great time with you Celina...! Thank you for asking me to do your senior pictures.  I hope you love them as much as I.  Wishing you the best of luck in the future, lots of peace, love, happiness and success!




  1. So, I couldn't figure out how to workthe comments, lol.
    But I love it.! Love you.!
    I'm SUPER anxious to get them today.!
    Thank you or doing them for mee.!(:

  2. You figured it out! No, thank you! I love you too girl! xoxo...

  3. Thanks Donella! They came out perfect and youve captured beautifully! Oh and in case ya didnt know.. she gets it from her momma!!! heehee..

  4. Of course I know, Gina! LOL! We had fun, and I can't really take a bad pic of such an awesome kid... Thank you again.