Wednesday, April 6, 2011

its about time for an

So, that is what I went and did! Have you heard of Etsy? Really, if your answer is no, I would recommended that you go and get another cup of coffee, cause it will draw you in.  Etsy is THE place for handmade goody goodness and vintage love that you might ever need... 

In addition to my love for photography, I also love creating and designing.  In the past, I have made custom logos, banners, buttons, business cards, etc. for some friends and clients... 

I can also make printables and cards, custom invites, and the such... Just thought I would officially announce my shop opening!

Here is my banner, made to match my blog... go ahead, click on it and visit my shop... I only have one listing up now, but feel free to check back for more, or convo me for a custom design!

Thanks for stopping by!! 

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