Saturday, April 10, 2010


I have shot Brooke and her family a few times, but this time it was just Brooke.  She's a beautiful woman, a devoted wife and mama to two beautiful kids... And, she's graduating from Law School! Wow! That is success, in a word.  She's the kind of girl that you want your daughter to grow up to be.  She wanted to go downtown to the historic Riverside Courthouse, built in 1902.  We couldn't get inside, but the architecture outside is just amazing...

I am proud of you, Brooke! As strange as that might sound, your personal (haha) photographer is proud of you... But, heck yes, girl! I am... I am glad to know you.  Congratulations!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Round II: ABC Project...

Last time I did this, D was for dandelion, too... I have to say, I love this image about a thousand times more than my first. 

I took more than one, of course... But these two were my favorites.  I love the ease of the storyboard templates.  (If you are looking for some cool photoshop actions, you have to check out  They have tons of great actions to get you started.)


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Round II: ABC Project...

Day three, letter C.  I thought and thought about this.  I could do so much with the letter C.  Cats, carry, cream, curry, calf, colors, car... but I think I am a little different than most... I think cat tail.  Yea, those crazy little annoying weeds that most of America have in their yards, somewhere.  I like weeds.  Isn't that crazy? I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't love them when they dry up and break off and get stuck places they shouldn't- but one that is still green, still alive, still reaching for the sun at day break- you have to admit, there is some beauty in it.  Maybe this capture will cause you to take a second look at something commonly known as a nuisance.  Maybe just once, you can smile at these unassuming, and not at fault weeds- smile and think, hey, yea, they aren't so ugly... before you spray them with toxic death... Happy Spring, all.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Round II: ABC Project...

B.... is for so many things.  Baby, beauty, bribery, blank, bliss, bull, bank... but B is also for believe... Isn't that a tough concept? Believe. 

This picture, and this post is dedicated to my mom.  She taught me the meaning of believe.  If I think about it, she taught me the meaning of lots and lots of things... My mom is amazing.  She is the best friend I will ever have.  Sometimes I wonder if that sounds weird to people- but to be honest, I don't care.  I love my mom so much.... she is an amazing person.

Round II: ABC Project...

I have a friend who is into photography... She is pretty darn good at it, too.  She is just starting out learning the editing process, and having lots of fun with it.  She says to me, "thank you for sharing what you know with me"... Wow, really? Of course I would.  I love to be able to help out others, and if I can inspire them... even better.  We are doing the ABC project together, and I hope to blog about it as we proceed.  If you aren't familiar with the ABC project, its really pretty easy... Take a picture every day for each letter of the alphabet. 

A: is for so many things... angles, angels, aardvarks, alligators, but today... A is for airplane.  I decided to photograph A for airplane for the simple fact that it was here... During the busy clean before your husband gets home time of day, I found this airplane somewhere it shouldn't have been (beneath my foot- OW!) and stuck it in my pocket.  Around 5 o'clock, I knew the light would be right for what I wanted to do, and I went outside in my back yard... This was, believe it or not, my first shot. 

A is for airplane:

E & C baking a baby... for me?

I always love maternity sessions... Talking with mommy's to be bring back so many memories of my own pregnancies.  I wish that I had taken some of my own maternity sessions when I had the chance... this session was especially endearing to me, because the baby in the oven is my nephew.  Yea, my little brother is young, and I wish that he could have waited to become a daddy... But... I love him so much- and there is nothing I wouldn't do for him... Sometimes as adults we have to learn that what we want isn't neccessarily what someone else wants... and we just have to be ok with choices that are made, and support and love unconditionally those who mean the most to us

C. and his beautiful fiance, E.

It was hard to balance his name on her belly, but we managed...

two halves make a whole... They loved this baby before he was here. 

I am so proud of my brother and his fiance.  These two mean so much to me, and I know that they know, I will always be here for them, and MY (well, their- technically) baby.

baby and a couple in love...

Fairmount Park in Riverside is one of my favorite places to shoot... the park is known for the homeless and ducks, but there is a ton of beauty there.  These were actually taken right outside of the park- in a little area with a ton of cat tails, little weedy but pretty yellow flowers, and some extra cool long grass.  I think my clients were a little worried about my choice, initially, but I knew that the camera would really like what I was showing it...

T & R are a young couple who are just enamoured with each other.  The love between them was obvious, and baby C is a very lucky boy... I think they will be able to build a lifetime of love around him. 

how precious are baby sleep smiles?

a shot that is a little different than something I would normally do...

Love how dad's hand is softly on baby's head, this image for me totally encapsulates the love between this family.

Introducing Auburn LA...

When I was contacted by Jacquelyn about this shoot, I have to admit... I was a little more than nervous.  I know, I know, I say that a lot.  But really- she told me she was launching her clothing line, and wanted pictures.  This is not something that I had done before, and I really had to psyche myself up to get ready.  Jacquelyn told me that she wanted something with a vintage/urban type of feel, and immediately I thought of my favorite brick wall location in Riverside...

Meeting up at 4 o'clock, I knew the lighting would be ideal... As soon as the designer got there with her model, she made me feel super awesome about the shoot.  She was stoked on the location, and with her calming nature, I took her cue and started to shoot!

The location I picked is not only awesome for the brick wall that is aged and beautiful, but there is also a parking garage with some really awesome chain link detail and a super rad alley access with patina brick walls, and wrought iron windows.  My goal was to not make the photos different, but with a thread of similarity through them... we used every bit of the location that I could think of.  The pictures are beautiful, and her line is amazing.  Check her out on etsy, Auburn LA.  Thanks for stopping by, and have a picture perfect day.

One of my favorite captures of the day... I wanted her to laugh out loud, so I pulled out the stops, and put on my comidienne hat.... and voila.  The perfect emotion for this image.

She said she had never modeled before, but I tell you- she's a natural.


just playing with angles... love the outcome.

I am a bad, bad blogger

You know, I can't really get the hang on blogging.  I mean, its something I want to do, something that I think I would be good at- if only I could remember to do it.