Sunday, April 3, 2011

well not so much, but

It is KIND of Eastery.  I am not a super duper fan of lilac and pink, or really pastels of any sort... So I thought there might be a few out there that are just like that... Alternative Easter.  Just click on the link to download, and share with your friends.  I would love to see what you have done with them, if you end up using them this year.

These are the two inch toppers.  Have you seen all the great ways to use these? Cupcake picks, tied on goody bags, stickers, etc... anyway, these aren't your typical Easter Bunny decor, but I personally think they are adorable! 

I also made a banner to go with it, just a mini one, and then also on the same page a mini cake banner... 
I would love to expand this set.. what else would be helpful, or just super cute? I was thinking maybe cupcake wrappers... anyway, let me know, and I hope you share the love {ahem, my blog <3} with many.  Till next time... 


PS: getting closer and closer to launching my Etsy shop! 

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  1. how cute! I love the color scheme, too! Great break away from the normal pastels of Easter!