Friday, April 8, 2011

I got my sniff on, meet....

Yea, I sniff babies.  So what? 

I had the opportunity to photograph a simply perfect 8 day new baby... Mom just went on and on before our session about her perfect little sleepy (all the time) baby... Well, babies have a way of proving mommy's wrong, even as early as this! My little lady was A-W-A-K-E almost the entire session... 

She wasn't sleepy awake, or cranky awake, or even fussy awake... she was just awake, as in REFUSED to sleep! Haha, I think she's going to be a stubborn one.  Stubborn and extremely adorable... 

I had my set up all super cozy (sweaty even for me and mama)... heater on, white noise in the background, shhhhhhh shhh shh shhhh shhhh on both our lips... but... yea.  Sleep eludes her. 

Got some pretty amazing shots, none the less! These are my favorites:

Super cute beanie from Stella B Designs... and she was the most perfect little model!

Only 8 days new! I love this pose... Special thanks to mama for being so patient and understanding... and for helping baby whisper this pose to life. 

<3... love how she looks to be looking right at me.  I had a bit of a rough start the morning of the shoot, but this little bundle of goodness made me feel a ton better.  

 Thank you, thank you, thank you across the other street neighbors for not cutting your grass.  Thanks also to my friend & photographer @ Tiny Treasures for loaning me your bed for the day... Love the wide open on this shot, and the fact that she had her eyes closed for a second or two... love the glimpse of her tiny toes, and  her umbilical still attached. I just love this picture!!

Nicky, thank you for choosing to share your precious  baby G. with me! 


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