Friday, April 29, 2011

a {sweet}

You know I have never been the kind of girl who is into fairy tales and princesses... The Royal Wedding (my apologies Harry and... uhm..I want to say Camille, but I am sure that isn't right... what IS her name?... anyway, my point is to apologize, I mean no disrespect)...BUT, I honestly could give two shakes about the Royal Wedding... is that bad? Un-American? I am sure some of you might feel the same way... ;) In saying I don't give two shakes, please know that it doesn't mean that I won't at least check out highlights and previews..... and enjoy a bit of history in the making...

Unlike myself, my {sweet} friend, Nicole is the EXACT opposite...! We chatted for a bit last night, and last I heard she was making muffins for a 3AM viewing party! (Hope you had fun, girl!) A few days ago, Nicole came up with the idea of having a royally inspired shoot... Using the adorable free printables from the TomKat Studio, and supplemented with a few designs from yours truly, Nicole designed an adorable tablescape fit for her princess and my prince.  

If you are thinking about having a little royal fun yourself, please feel free to click the image below to download my contribution in PDF format... 

And, if you are here just for the pictures (like me!), well then here we go... 

They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince charming... 

I love this addition to the tablescape, its so fitting! I am totally going to have this one printed and frame it for my daughter's nightstand.  

I only have a small peek of our royal table... 
Super cute cupcake toppers, right?? (Don't forget to click over to the TomKat Studio to grab yours... don't say I didn't warn you, almost eeevvveerrryyything there is super TO DIE FOR... )

The {sweet} couple


 For more {sweet} details, or to order your own beautiful little bride a dress fairy tales are made from, be sure to visit Nicole's blog and shop!

This shoot is what 'Ella B is about... what I am about... It all starts with an idea.  I love brainstorming.  Special thanks to Nicole for having me out again, I always love working with you. 

Happy weekend!

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  1. fun, fun, fun idea! I also downloaded those cupcake toppers from TomKat Studio! Great your blog, fun place to be so I became a follower ;)