Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Round II: ABC Project...

I is for Information... Its everywhere today.  I can't seem to get away from it! From internet access on phones, to instant messaging- email, text, phone calls, wi-fi...

This was taken at my trade show this weekend, its my daughter and her BFF, her Motorola Intensity.  Now her phone is pretty rad, but it doesn't have Facebook on it.  And, for the record, my daughter has informed me that this isn't what Facebook on a phone looks like... she would know.  To acheive this- all I did was blur the original text message from the screen (which said, in case you were wondering "so its really not worth it then, is it?"), took a screenshot from her Facebook page, and control + T to transform the image... If you want to keep the image in perspective, hold down alt+shift at the same time, but for this one, I needed it to fit into the screen, so I just held down the control button.  With this, you can get your layer right where you need it... So after placing the screenshot just where I thought it looked right, I adjusted the opacity to about 30% and applied an inset bevel effect.  Flattened the image, and voila. 

Thanks Kayleigh for constantly texting so I could grab this shot.

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