Tuesday, October 26, 2010


a face I love to photograph….

As a photographer, I am passionate about my work.  I think that its something in you, that you either have or don’t,  I have been asked before, “show me how to take better pictures”- and while I don’t mind sharing what I know, I can’t teach the passion I feel inside of me. 

Do you ever have a face you just LOVE to see in a picture? There are always little ones that I just fall in love with, through the lens.  This little one is definitely one of my recent favorite faces.  Just something about the way she scrunches up her nose, and kind of smiles, but not just yet? She makes me work for what I get- but let me tell you… its all worth it at the end.  I love her combination of blonde hair and hazel brown eyes.  She’s truly just adorable… and a little spit fire! Maybe it’s the combination that I love… or maybe its just images like these that make me smile.



Its been a rough month here for us, and I am so grateful sometimes to get lost in work…To look at a face like this- something that reminds me that “this too shall pass”… Thanks Ms. K for being you, and for bringing a smile to my face today.



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