Friday, November 12, 2010

Its time to SHOW YOUR SKILLS! with Everyday Elements…
Amanda over at Everyday Elements is hosting a Show Your Skills editing ‘giveaway’.  She’s paired up with Isabella LaFrance Photography and is giving a $15 dollar credit to the winner! Good luck to all!
Here’s Amanda’s original:
sys orig
And here is my play:
I used PS4 to edit.  First I brightened the image a bit, and played up her eyes just a tiny bit.  I added another layer, selected some of the greeny color in the original picture, filled as an overlay, and dropped the opacity way down.  I also added a sun flare layer, and played with some texture.  Hope you like it! Head on down to Everyday Elements, by clicking the button below and have some fun of your own!

Show your Skills at Everyday Elements

Have a beautiful Friday!

1 comment:

  1. Nice job!! I like the fresh color tones and texture. The cc I have for you is that her skin tone needs to be a touch warmer and I think the texture could be lowered down just a teensy bit.

    Overall, really nice job!! Way to go!