Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a week at a time...

Happy Fat Tuesday! I thought today would be a good day to share the last four weeks of my 52 weeks project.  The themes this month were submitted by a friend of mine, and I had fun with them.  

Hey, back to yesterday's post? Did ya notice I no longer have black border lines? It still isn't perfect, but what really is!? 

Ok, week 5's theme was "heart"... Here's my take.  My little son, J. Man, this was a hard one for me to get, getting the angle just right so I didn't end up in frame... he was such a trooper sitting there for what must seem like forever.

Week 6, "kissy face".  Cute, cute, right? This was pretty easy to pull off except for the fact that my other little son (who happens to have beautiful perfect kissy lips) wanted to eat my prop, foil and all...

Week 7, "love"... My kids as models makes me happy.  Even more so, I caught the extremely beautiful and {extremely} 15 year old on camera.  Thanks, K! 

Week 8, 'red'... Color themes prove to be hard for me... I want each picture this year to be of things I really love... so I chose this image of a humming bird.  

It seems like my 52 week group is dying down.  I hope it doesn't die out completely! I don't want to come up with themes all by myself.. haha.  Either way, I am going to complete this year.  I think it would be really amazing to do a photobook of the year.  

Until next time!

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