Thursday, October 14, 2010

Johnny says he looks like a boy who lives in shadows…

I say that I lovvvvve me some sun-flare.  Shooting into the sun is sometimes really cool… I love how the rays are positioned just right, so you get that little extra flarey-ness.  That is a word, flarey-ness?? I might have to petition Reader’s Digest for that one.  I love the bit of back lighting… that curves his hat and face.  Also, since you are reading this, I am about to tell you a super big, maybe never revealed photographer’s secret… shhh… you have to keep it between you, me, and the world wide web…..shooting into the sun is also a super awesome undercover way to hide the look your kids are giving you after you say, just one more- wait, just one more……We now return to our normal blog post.



So aside from the last few shots shooting in the sun, the primary reason for getting out my camera today was to try out a new background, er…..onclearancefromHomeDepotcurtain, that I have had for a while… While its not exactly wide enough for a boy who moves around in anticipation of being done, it does make a beautiful backdrop.  I would show you… but, Johnny wasn’t in top model form today, and… well, yea, let’s just leave it at that.

Notice anything different about the blog today? Another reason for this post…. Am I ever satisfied? Thanks to a tutorial @ I Heart Faces I found out how to change this up a bit… and while I am still not super 110% satisfied with it, I do think its getting there.  Would love some feedback? Oh, and are my comments working?  just-d

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