Wednesday, October 13, 2010

light a candle...

Our family has been going through some troubled times... Its been hard, but we are all pulling together to do what we can.  Kira, my mother in law, has been in the hospital for almost a week now.  About 8 weeks ago she had surgery on her foot, and she needed to go to a rehab center afterwards in order to learn how to walk again... John and his sister, Jennifer went to see her a few weeks ago... and while her spirits weren't exactly high (I mean, who wants to eat hospital food for THAT long?), she was in decent spirits and decent health.  The visit was short but sweet, and before my husband came home we thought everything was going according to plan... A week ago tomorrow, Kira had a major seizure... Which left her unconcious and unable to breathe without support.... Unfortunately, since then there has been little to no improvement.  I have asked friends and relatives to think good thoughts and send any extras our way.

Last night, I got a text from my husband, saying "please light a candle for my mom"... Of course, immediately I did so.  He wanted a physical reminder for our boys here, that Grandma is still fighting, and that we are still hopeful.

When I lit the candle, I talked to the boys about what it meant to have it lit in our home.  I asked that every time they look at it to remember their Grandma, and to think good happy thoughts for her, and wish her well.  Jace, who is 99.9 times my wildIwillnotdowhatyouwantbutIamcuterthansin son sweetly looks at the candle and says, "Grandma, please get better soon, so my daddy can come home"... aww, that really melted my heart... I look at Johnny, and say, "Johnny:... he looks at me and says "what, I bowed?" He's taking Karate and explained to me how its the highest form of respect to another... and also added that he spilled some magical brain juice on her.  His imagination is wild!

Anyway, I thought what better way to show my husband that we are supporting and hoping, here 600 miles away... I took Jace outside my front door to take a couple pictures, and talk about grandma Kira.  Kira, if you are listening, we are still talking. 

Get well soon.

light a candle...

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