Friday, October 15, 2010

Meet the Sedillo’s!

Funny, sometimes what a small world it is.  I have lived in Riverside about 8 years now, and before that I was in Orange County, but originally here from the IE.  A few years ago I was at the market, and saw a familiar face, although at the time I couldn’t place him…. A few months or so later, I saw him again, but this time, surrounded by a beautiful family and at the park that I coach at- and where my kids play ball…. Small world, it was Anthony (although, back then it was just Tony)… I had worked with him at a small tool distribution company wayyyy back when! Blast from the past though it was, I was happy to see him, and meet his beautiful wife, Jen.  Together they have 4 really cute and sweet kids.

Sedillo 204

This is Noah.  He’s ten, I think? What a great kid, so polite, and a really good ball player… All of the kids have amazing eyes, and when I asked him to look directly at the camera, he almost looked through me! Love this shot of this handsome young man.



This is Kori… I had the pleasure of coaching her first year in tee ball… WHAT A HOOT she is… not only cute, she’s got the funniest little personality.  I could literally eat her up.  She and my son Jace are in the same class together at school…. I like her soooo much that THIS cheapskate bought TWO $2.00 candy bars from her… that says a lot!


Sedillo 049

This is Kody… He’s about three now, and he is just a little prankster!! Always stealth in that three year old way…. sneaking up on me and trying to “steal” my keys, cell phone, etc.  He is super mischievous, but in a good little boy way.  If I am having a bad day, I know this little one would be able to make me laugh in a heartbeat. 


Sedillo 131

Last but definitely not least, Kaulin… the baby of the bunch.  He’s right around 8 months old, and I had the pleasure of doing a session with him when he was just a tiny little baby.  While he hasn’t had as long to identify his role as baby brother in this family, I know he will be just fine… He’s already spirited and determined… did I mention ADORABLE? Look at those lips.  Sigh, boys like this make my ovaries riot!!

Glad though, that it is a small world… being able to reconnect with blasts from your past isn’t always a bad thing, and in this  case- it’s a RAD thing! Thank you to the Sedillo family for an awesome time, and for being who you are!!



  1. I'm not very good with blogs and stuff on pc ..but I'm pleased I was able to get to this one of yours, and Beautiful children make it so easy for you to have such beautiful pictures.. just like your pics of your own children :) plus you must have a way to bring out the best in them when you photograph them <3 xxx not sure if u will see my comments tho lol..Nana