Monday, September 13, 2010

Do you love texture in a photo?

As I continue on my journey in the wonderful world of Photoshop, I am contstantly amazed at the process and the outcome of adding texture in a picture.  In my opinion, not every picture needs texture- and in fact, sometimes texture takes away from a picture.... This is just my opinion, but maybe you feel the same way?

I recently did an urban themed photoshoot with an amazing family with six kids.  I used texture in a lot of the post processing.

While browsing the net today, I came across this awesome link for textures! There are a ton of freebies out there, but these textures are the kind I really like.  My mind literally goes crazy seeing it all come together in my head! So much fun.

Here are a few of my images with texture...

Do you know how to add texture to a photo? If you have Photoshop, I highly reccomend Coffee Shop's "Give it Texture" action- makes it super easy and easy to achieve the desired results.

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