Monday, September 13, 2010

for the love of maternity...

I love maternity photos. Its such an awesome time to capture the love between a mommy and an unborn child.  I always love my sessions, but sometimes I uber love what I see... this session, for me, was one of uber love, for sure.  Amy is such a beautiful mama, inside and out.  She's got the perfect little belly...

We chose an outdoor location for this session.  When we got there, we were both a little dissapointed- recently, someone had decided to take down all the weeds that are usually in the field.  Don't they know that us photographer types LOVE stuff like that?? Fire prevention... sigh.  I mean, its a worthy cause, but could you at least ask me? Luckily as we were on our way to the alternate location, I found a tiny little spot with which to work, and the photos came out beautiful. 

I am really  beginning to love shooting in the later hours.  The sun is just so lovely at certain times, and as you know, your light really adds a lot to a shot.  In my opinion, the light can either make or break a shot.  Shooting into the sun isn't normally what I prefer to do, but in trying to achieve a certain look its a must!
She's just such a beautiful mama...

Simply beautiful.... We were in a field of weeds, and I loved how the shadows played on her bun in the oven.

My favorite of the session.

Thank you, Amy, Tommy and Miss A. for the super rad session! Can't wait to meet your newest bundle of joy. 


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  2. I can see why the bottom shot is your favorite. It reaches out to me too.