Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The bliss of Ever....

I have shopped at the same Stater Brothers since I moved to Riverside... Now its familiar, I know most of the employees.  About two years ago, there was a beautiful girl working there.  I don't know if you are like me in a sense, or maybe this is just a me thing... but I knew that she was rad.  Her name was Ashley... We got to know each other a tiny bit, would spend time together on her breaks, and I began to realize what a truly phenomenal woman she was... then, as fate would have it, she moved to Arizona.  Staters hasn't been the same since.... During her stay in Arizona, we kept in touch via Facebook (you know that place I live sometimes?) and she's since moved back home! Yay!! And double yay, she's beautifully pregnant with her fifth baby, and her only girl, Ever.  I was so happy to be able to take picutures of her, her man, and her adorable baby (belly), Ever. 

There is nothing more romantic and sweet, then the love in a daddy's eyes.  You can tell this man lives and breathes for his family, and I am sure as most men aren't, he isn't perfect- but I know he and Ashley are very much in love with each other, with their sons, and with their daughter.  I was shocked at how his eyes were translated in this picture.

He was such a good sport... Here is a triptych (Thanks CoffeeShop Blog) of a sweet series.... I had the idea to do this three set when I was taking these, and I think they came out just like I saw it in my head... Ash was just silly when it came to picking out the right color lipstick for her hubs... Lipstick applied, kiss(hollllld)kiss, and voila.  Ever's first kiss.
Again, another silly fun pose for these love birds... He's measuring her tummy, and she was just laughing, literally out loud. These are the shots I love to capture... She couldn't help it, and the emotion is just so real and true.  It comes together for a special image.

I have done photo's similar to this in other maternity sessions, but this composition has got to be one of my favorites.  Its Ever's 4D ultra sound, and her kicking back in the belly  behind. 

I told you she was beautiful... I love this image, and black and white was def the way to go.  I told her to bring her hubs guitar.  I loveLOVElove how the shape of the guitar mimics the shape of her belly! Her hubs is a great guitar player, and Ever is sure to get lots of lullabies.  Ash, you are one rockin' mama!

One of the last images of the day, love the capture.

And last, but not least, my most favorite (I think) of the series... Its just a simply beautiful shot. 

Thank you Ashley, Nate & Ever for a super fun maternity session.  I can't wait to meet your daughter.

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