Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Logo design...

Graphic design has always interested me... I see things (I like to think) in a different way... I started making baby shower cards, birthday invites, and announcements for fun, about 5 years ago with a small, very basic scrapbooking type of program. Later, I moved on to Photoshop- and while I still LOVVVVE me a good PS session, I have moved on to designing in a program called Illustrator. Have you heard of this super rad, super powerful, a little intimidating program?? I have just barely gotten my brain to wrap around what it can do, but I do realize that its the tip of the iceberg, so to speak- and am excited at the possibilities that it holds.

Oh, and btw, if you hear about a logomakers anon forum, club, support group... let me know?

Here are a few of my recent favorites, and links to some awesome mama run businesses...

My favorite friend I have never met... I have know Stephanie over at Studio J for about 5 years now... One day we will meet in person, but she's a mini me on the other side of the country.  She rocks my socks! Fan her, she's sure to rock your socks, too.

Have you seen this mama's work? Her pictures often leave me with a smile on my face, and the feeling of wanting to see more.  I am lucky to call Anne-Michelle my friend... She's a constant source of inspiration and goodness to me!!

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