Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On a personal note...

So if you know me at all, you would know that recently I lost 45 pounds... Sometime after Christmas and before New Years, I got sick of complaining, and decided it was the time for action... I had a little money left over from Holiday photo shoots, and thought that I should reward myself.  I went to Kmart (yea, its kind of ghetto, but EXTREMELY close) and bought the Wii Fit Plus.  Best.Best.Best $100.00 I have ever (well maybe not ever, ever, but close) spent. 

I started working out with the Wii Fit everyday.  My goal was to burn 500 extra calories a day.  I did really good.... Skateboarding arena is my favorite.  Bet I could totally beat you, too!! In addition to the Wii Fit exercises, I was also coaching and managing my two son's baseball teams, and eating right.  Its amazing what you give your body, you get from your body...

45 pounds is a lot of weight to lose- and to be honest when I started I didn't realize I had that much to lose.  I thought 20 pounds would totally makeover my body... For the first time since my driver's license was issued, my weight is a lie... but for the UNDER reason.  I had always had a little extra weight after my first daughter, and I always lied on my DL weight.  Don't you? LOL! Well, currently, my weight is listed at 150- and I know I was about 170-175 when it was issued.  At that time, I still thought 150 was a good weight... ha! Pull me over now... (no, really, don't).

Wii Fit is a good starting point for anyone wanting to do something about their body.  The key is really what they say... staying active and eating right.  I don't know if I eat right, so to speak, but I do try to be aware of what I am eating, and when.  Its working for me... I still eat sweets, I still drink soda, and eat carbs.  I don't deny myself, I just try to balance it...

After the Wii Fit lost its shine, I went and got the Wii Active... Highly reccommend it too! Its a WHOLE new set of activities, and 30 day challenges... It can really get your heart rate up, and help to burn more calories.... Over the summer, I stopped working out as much, but I still maintained my weight.... While I am happy with my current weight- I am not super happy with my current body.... Think Nat Geo cover... think me... Yea, lots of extra.... fluffytypesaggyskinandstuff.  What's next in the transformation?

KETTLEBELLS! I tried the P90x- and let me tell you... THAT ISN'T FOR WIMPS (...or me).  Wooo... super hard work outs on that program.  I haven't given up on completing a cycle- but instead, decided to try KettleBells.  Have you heard of these? Wow, the workouts are only 20 minutes, but super challenging and I can definitely FEEL the burn.  Today was the second of the workouts.  Glad I did it...:) I might be inspired to take a before/after pic...Oh, but that is scary! No one should have to view that... If I did- I will def. equip the picture with a warning.

Have a great day, all two of you! :P

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