Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tweens are fun...

Had a super fun tween shoot last week.  A beautiful super star in the making.  Miss N wants to be an actress, model & singer.  Working with Kevin Kidder on this shoot, we were able to capture a pretty dynamic range of images.  Here are are my favorites.
Love the attitude... I know some only like the smile pictures, but I am a fan of fab attitude...!

Not sure why I love this one SO much, but I def. do.  Have you ever noticed I like to steal moments, so to speak?? She def wasn't turned on for this shot, but I love it regardless.

Some images are born to be black and white.

Loved this one, too.  I wonder what she was thinking, her expression is priceless.

My most favorite capture of the day... I love her eyes here, and the post processing makes this picture pop.

Thank you Miss N and mama S for a fun day in downtown... Thanks Kevin for asking me along on this shoot, and as always for being a constant source of inspiration. 

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