Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Talk about a neglected blog...

If I am going to be successful at this blogging thing, I think I need to imagine two people sitting around in their pajamas, while battling unruly children fighting about who is going to tell on who first for talking to the King of Flopshwies, and enjoying a cuppa coffee with their favorite yummy (overpriced & bad for you) coffee creamer and reading my blog.  I think the blog in order to thrive... has to change.  You see my pictures on Facebook, but for a more personal look inside my head (I highly recommend calling Hazmat, or perhaps if you are cheap,ahem,frugal like me, you could always cover your air passages with your tee shirt, a SARS mask, hell, even a coffee filter will work)... So... lets get to it.  My blog will not only be a place for pictures and logos, and stuff I create... it will be for what makes me really me... the idle ramblings of Donella. 

Now, where did I put that muse?

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